The Series

Eligibility for the series is based on futurity payments and will consist of Heats and Finals for each sex.

The series will be held in conjunction with the annual Lyn McPherson Memorial Breed For Speed Series for Trotting Mares in February and March with the Finals being conducted at Tabcorp Park Melton.

The futurity will be contested by 3YO Trotters and is open to any Trotting foal irrespective of place of birth. Any foal sired by a horse that has recorded its fastest time as a Pacer is also eligible to participate however a premium will attach to the late entry of a Pacing Bred horse. Similarly a premium would attach to any late entry of any horse bred as a Trotter with a further premium attaching to any late entry of a Northern Hemisphere bred horse.



Heats of each division will be conducted over a distance closest to one mile.

Stake money for each Heat will carry a Total Stake of $12,000.



The first three placed horses in each Heat will automatically qualify for the Final in their respective division. The remaining places in each Final will be determined based on the gross time of each unplaced runner from the Heats.

The Final will be conducted over 1720m or the distance closest to one mile.

Stake money for each Final will carry a Total Stake of $60,000 (Group 1)

All races will be random barrier draws.

A Consolation Final will also be conducted for each division.

Stake money for each Consolation Final will carry a Total Stake of $12,000.


Stake Money Distribution

Stake money for all races will be distributed under the following format:-

1st – 50%, 2nd – 18%, 3rd – 12.5%, 4th – 6.25%, 5th – 3.25%, 6th to 10th – 2%.


Special Conditions

HRV reserves the right to make any alterations or amendments to these conditions that it considers necessary in the overall best interests of the conduct of the Need For Speed.