Series 3

Horse Sire Dam Broodmare Sire Sex
Kyvalley Kyrie Angus Hall (us) Aldebaran Maori Dream Vacation (us) Mare
Tolutim Equus Angus Hall (us) Bromac Aldebaran Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Aldebaran Prince Angus Hall (us) Charming Yankee Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Angus Ascending Angus Hall (us) Classic Comment Sundon Gelding
Motoring Hall Angus Hall (us) Fullonluck Sundon Horse
Angus Hall (us) Galleons Dream (nz) Chiola Hanover Mare
Une Belle Allure Angus Hall (us) Glenferrie Unixa Onyx Du Goutier (fra) Mare
Shang Fang Sword Angus Hall (us) Nigella Bites Live Or Die Horse
Betty Hall Angus Hall (us) Nirvana Castle Safely Kept Mare
Miss Manitoba Angus Hall (us) Showmethemaori Lindy Lane (us) Mare
Skyeski Angus Hall (us) Skye Rocket Wagon Apollo Mare
Truscott Hall Angus Hall (us) Truscott Photo S J's Photo (us) Horse
Rosehill Magic Armbro Variable Amelia Darling Kadabra (us) Mare
Armbro Variable Miss Borderline Red River Hanover Horse
Four Walls Armbro Variable Wannabeamaori Ganymede (fra) Mare
Cohesive Bacardi Lindy Adhesive Straphanger Mare
Claudys Prince Bacardi Lindy All Finesse Wind Cries Maori Gelding
Count Bacardi Bacardi Lindy Countess Margareta Sundon Gelding
Rosanna Lindy Bacardi Lindy Cruzenthepacific Dream Vacation (us) Mare
Derrie Aire Bacardi Lindy Gluteus Maximus Muscles Yankee (us) Mare
Flippin Issy Bacardi Lindy Kellybrooke R C's Dee Jay Mare
Tip Top Eurasian Bacardi Lindy Maori Missile Waverly Niatross Gelding
Dontmoosewithme Bacardi Lindy Missy Truscott Sundon Mare
Watts Up Rainbow Bacardi Lindy Rainbow Maori Maori's Idol Mare
Pops Investment Bacardi Lindy Spring Fly Wagon Apollo Mare
Just Oscar Bacardi Lindy Suelaurian Keystone Salute Gelding
Bank On Betty Bacardi Lindy Sunshine Annie Sundon Mare
Bacardi Lindy Vicki Vale R C's Dee Jay Mare
Tuscan Dawn Conch Deville French Frolic Keystone Salute Mare
Australia All Over Conch Deville Une De Mai Classic Adam Gelding
Lexington Queen Cr Commando Shez Allrighty Sundon Mare
Crazy Calder Crazed (us) Like A Calder Balanced Image (us) Mare
Danny Elle Danny Bouchea Ima Barbie Girl Riverlea Jack Mare
Watch Out He Bites Down Under Muscles Geordiesfirst Wilcos Kosby Gelding
Downunder Barkers Down Under Muscles La Poeme La Bay Gelding
Whizzing Muscles Down Under Muscles She Didnt Do It Wind Cries Maori Gelding
Sarahleonie Bow Down Under Muscles Walara Bow Maori Trust Mare
Dream Vacation (us) Landoras Ruby Pegasus Spur Mare
Havana Magic Dream Vacation (us) Pepperell Magic Kadabra (us) Mare
Hotjane Bling Eilean Donon Kyvalley Bling Muscles Yankee (us) Mare
Hotjane Bling Eilean Donon Kyvalley Bling Muscles Yankee (us) Mare
Valsue Elsu Chancery Lane Torado Hanover Mare
Posseidon Fling It Maori Acacia Smooth Fella Gelding
Mano De Dios Great Success Bras Dhonneur Keystone Salute Gelding
Dont Talk To Me Great Success Dreamtime Sue Classic Adam Mare
Im Stoned Also Great Success Stoned At Midnight Keystone Salute Gelding
Kyvalley Kadillac Kyvalley Blur Kyvalley Kiss Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Margaret Jean Lawman Hands Of A Star Cool Hand Nukes Mare
Midnightatpinevale Lawman Midnight Rush Turbo Thrust (us) Mare
Hammers Law Lawman Speedy Naomi Safely Kept Gelding
Hiding My Heart Fin Like A Prayer (us) Sammi Punk (us) Mare
Silicon Valley Love You (fra) Micro Chip Pine Chip (us) Mare
One Over Da Stars (nz) Love You (fra) One Over Kenny Sundon Mare
Our Regal Love Love You (fra) Regal Volo Malabar Man (us) Mare
Love You (fra) Rock N Rhonda (nz) Pine Chip (us) Mare
Parisian Amore Love You (fra) Top Of The Anvils Dream Vacation (us) Mare
Ranes Love You (fra) Xena Hest Pine Chip (us) Gelding
Keayang Majestic Majestic Son Dream Interest Dream Vacation (us) Mare
Downtown Miss Majestic Son False Gem S J's Photo (us) Mare
Andyou Majestic Son Good Thanks S J's Photo (us) Mare
Maori Amour Majestic Son Maori Daunou Buvetier D'aunou (us) Mare
Shellybamba Majestic Son Pacobamba Yankee Paco Mare
Kheiron Majestic Son Rinehart Great Success Gelding
Ymbro Wasted Majestic Son Ymbro Wow Cr Commando Gelding
Clarkes Hill Metropolitan Landoras Gift Chiola Hanover Gelding
Monarchy Tats That (nz) Sundon Mare
Classy Lola Muscle Hill (us) Class Of Her Own Yankee Paco Mare
Next Thru Muscle Hill (us) Invasions Pride Armbro Invasion Gelding
Dance Craze Muscle Hill (us) La Coocaracha Safely Kept Mare
The Male Model Muscle Mass Ashley Sunset (nz) Sundon Gelding
The Male Model Muscle Mass Ashley Sunset (nz) Sundon Gelding
Aballofmuscle Muscle Mass Baileys Model S J's Photo (us) Gelding
Sval Queen Muscle Mass Bohemian Queen Sundon Mare
Bigonluck Muscle Mass Calder Luck Malabar Maple Mare
Illawong Byron Muscle Mass Illawong Blush S J's Photo (us) Gelding
Illawong Bardot Muscle Mass Illawong Chloe Malabar Maple Mare
Nieta Muscle Mass La Biscuit Cr Commando Mare
Landora's Lassie (nz) Muscle Mass Landoras Pearl Earl Mare
Our Quick Cash Muscle Mass Miss Impromptu Wagon Apollo Gelding
Carnera Muscle Mass Mystic Hush Continentalman Gelding
Showemyourmuscles Muscle Mass Shadon Sundon Gelding
Illawong Shimmer Muscle Mass Shining Sun Sundon Mare
Roll Tide Muscle Mass Ugly Betty (nz) Earl Horse
Melpark Magic Muscles Yankee (us) Elusive Charm Cr Commando Gelding
Kyvalley Kid Muscles Yankee (us) My Serene Queen Dream Vacation (us) Gelding
Kyvalley Kid Muscles Yankee (us) My Serene Queen Dream Vacation (us) Gelding
Graciella Pinevale Muscles Yankee (us) Pinevale Ellason Sundon Mare
Stairwaytothemoon Pegasus Spur Fig Leaf Eve Classic Adam Gelding
Violet Town Pegasus Spur Janover Hanover Chiola Cola Mare
Endsin A Party Pegasus Spur Lets Be Happy Andover Hall (us) Gelding
Irrewillipe Pegasus Spur Molototsi Malhana Gindin Gelding
Pegasus Elegance Pegasus Spur Sunny Elegant Sundon Mare
Son Of Rani Safely Kept Melpark Melody Classic Adam Gelding
Middleton Miss Safely Kept Oh Yes Indeed Sundon Mare
Ima Bourbon Girl Sam Bourbon (fra) Lough Neagh (nz) Sundon Mare
Breezin Around Skyvalley Aldebaran Breeze Windsong's Legacy (us) Mare
Aldebaran Hammer Skyvalley Aldebaran Hall Andover Hall (us) Horse
Aldebaran Pirate Skyvalley Aldebaran Pearl Earl Gelding
Coconut Sunrise Skyvalley Aldebaran Sunset Sundon Mare
Coconut Sunrise Skyvalley Aldebaran Sunset Sundon Mare
Sky Mac Skyvalley Belle Kiri Safely Kept Mare
Whonamedmymum Skyvalley Byrdie Num Num Speed Supreme Mare
Fremarksrooster Skyvalley Calypso Queen Chiola Hanover Gelding
No Republic Skyvalley No Restraint Continentalman Gelding
Shortstop Skyvalley Our First Strike Melvin's Strike Gelding
Missebonypearl Skyvalley Sundons Tiavon Sundon Mare
Myrtle Vale Skyvalley Valchelon Echelon Mare
My Chimera Sundon My Dreamweaver Lindy Lane (us) Mare
Magicool Tennotrump Free Rider Straphanger Gelding
Shania Belle Tennotrump Shania Court Classic Adam Mare
White House Sweet The Pres Cherry Sweet Wesgate Victory Mare
Diz Luck The Pres Howz Lucky (nz) Sundon Mare
The Pres La Tabou (nz) Holdonmyheart Mare
Empire Bay The Pres Miss Adelade Monarchy Gelding
The Pres Winfield Invasion (nz) Mare
Spider Dunbar Yankee Spider Dancewithadunbar Safely Kept Gelding
Iona Spider Yankee Spider Hilltown Ashley Our Sir Vancelot Mare
Strawberry Mouse Yankee Spider Pacific Salute Keystone Salute Mare
Yankee Redback Yankee Spider Positive Logic Yankee Paco Mare
Moskina Yankee Spider Safely Sally Safely Kept Mare
Bitofaninterest Yankee Spider Sunny Interest Sundon Gelding