Series 4

Horse Sire Dam Broodmare Sire Sex
Maranatha Atlas Angus Hall Deborah Jo Anne Sundon Colt
Moonlight Dream Angus Hall Dreamlands Nancy Pine Chip Filly
Angus Hall Escapeta Aruba Dream Vacation Colt
Do Ball Angus Hall Idoido S J's Photo Gelding
Aleppo Jewel Angus Hall Insulated Safely Kept Filly
Tomahawk Phoenix Angus Hall Justa Phoenix Sundon Colt
Angus Hall Lucky Invasion Armbro Invasion Colt
Angus Hall Running Pinevale Wesgate Victory Gelding
Quick Witted Armbro Variable La Cousu Continentalman Gelding
Mar Pacifico Bacardi Lindy Cruzenthepacific Dream Vacation Filly
Bacardi Chardy Bacardi Lindy Docmelfi Monarchy Filly
Bacardi Lindy Ima Tartan Tease Sundon Filly
Pyramac Kaychez Bacardi Lindy Tangalan Jack Keystone Salute Mare
Bad Poet Bad Boy Truscott Poet Laureate Keystone Salute Filly
Bad Boy Truscott Starlights Child Red Coach Glory Filly
Meziah Bettors Delight Mesmerizing Our Sir Vancelot Gelding
Tzu Nien Brylin Boyz Shez Allrighty Sundon Gelding
Mattalu Cr Commando Rinehart Great Success Filly
Sex On Fire Crazed Miss Whiplash Gee Whiz Ii Filly
Chissy Danny Bouchea Cheque Again Wagon Apollo Gelding
Lucinda Mac Danny Bouchea Lucky Kentucky Yankee Paco Filly
Whizzbang Dan Danny Bouchea Shania Court Classic Adam Gelding
Princessa Ruth Down Under Muscles Dodo Rocket Wagon Apollo Filly
Down Under Muscles Elite Action Agha Khan Colt
Owe Dee Em Phoenix Down Under Muscles Maple Eve Phoenix Malabar Maple Filly
Wobelee Down Under Muscles Tupenny Bit Sundon Gelding
Odeon Dream Vacation Parisian Dancer Ganymede Gelding
Wingman Fling Fling It Biggies Continentalman Gelding
Black Cat Claw Fling It Black Curlew Safely Kept Filly
Aspringfling Fling It Joan Ruval Zooma Gelding
Star Fling Fling It Star Of Jordaine Armbro Invasion Filly
Roses Framework Framework Pepperell Dargent Buvetier D'aunou Filly
Great Success Midnight Rush Turbo Thrust Colt
Moresuccess Great Success Miss Dizzy Wagon Apollo Filly
Imperial Whiz Imperial Count Stargo Whiz Gee Whiz Ii Gelding
Aldebaran Blur Kyvalley Blur Aldebaran Hall Andover Hall Gelding
Kyvalley Firstlady Kyvalley Blur Kyvalley Kiss Muscles Yankee Filly
Amour De Frere Love You Mybrotherwasastar Sundon Filly
San Juan Amour Love You Sanchipola Pine Chip Colt
Smashthemcalder Lucky Chucky Calder Image Balanced Image Gelding
Yagettingiteasy Lucky Chucky Charlotte Galleon Sundon Gelding
Hard Earned Lucky Chucky Hiona Mountain Chiola Hanover Colt
Lucky Sam Lucky Chucky Samara Earl Colt
Majestic Player Majestic Son Another Player Dr Ronerail Gelding
Aldebaran Merry Majestic Son Big O E Dream Vacation Filly
Majestic Son Chancery Lane Torado Hanover Filly
Storm Cloud Majestic Son Cloud Chaser Wind Cries Maori Colt
Regal Assassin Majestic Son Commanda Mission Cr Commando Gelding
Madam Commander Majestic Son Commander Jewel Cr Commando Filly
Bad Bar Bee Majestic Son Doli Continentalman Filly
Shadowfax Majestic Son Family Robinson Sundon Filly
Stress Factor Majestic Son Fear Factor Sundon Colt
Majestically Majestic Son Fig Leaf Eve Classic Adam Filly
Majestic Pride Majestic Son Fleetwood Blue Sundon Filly
Luckforthegirls Majestic Son Fullonluck Sundon Filly
Majestic Pinevale Majestic Son Galleons Bliss Sundon Filly
Chosen Son Majestic Son Good Time Mary Safely Kept Gelding
Aldebaran Bonny Majestic Son Just Tartan Around Sundon Colt
The Best Moment Yet Majestic Son Juverna Gee Whiz Ii Filly
Patsdelight Majestic Son Lasting Beauty Muscles Yankee Filly
Majestic Time Majestic Son Leavemein Dream Vacation Gelding
Mascott Majestic Son Maidstone Miss Sundon Gelding
Aldebaran Crescent Majestic Son Maori Road Lindy Lane Filly
Kay Cee Majestic Son Meander With Earl Earl Colt
Majestic Son Miss Borderline Red River Hanover Colt
Stately Miss Majestic Son Miss Impromptu Wagon Apollo Filly
Vivian Knox Majestic Son Missgoodytwoshoes Sundon Filly
Dance With Dragons Majestic Son Niamey Chiola Hanover Filly
Anywhere Hugo Majestic Son Oh Yes Indeed Sundon Gelding
One Over Da Skye Majestic Son One Over Kenny Sundon Filly
Kyvalley Frank Majestic Son Pinevale Ellason Sundon Colt
Majestic Son Pinevale Invasion Armbro Invasion Filly
Fancy Woman Majestic Son Playmate Of The Year Muscles Yankee Filly
Pretty Majestic Majestic Son Pretty Peggy Sue Pegasus Spur Filly
Majestic Son She Didnt Do It Wind Cries Maori Colt
Illawong Ze Majestic Son Shining Sun Sundon Gelding
Majestic Eyes Majestic Son Smilin Eyes Maori's Idol Colt
Aldebaran Willo Majestic Son Solar Powered Sundon Colt
Majestic Elsa Majestic Son Speedy Naomi Safely Kept Filly
Sumthingmajestic Majestic Son Sumthingaboutmaori Pine Chip Gelding
Like A Sunbeam Majestic Son Sunbeam Song Roydon Boy Filly
Majestic Son Sundons Tiavon Sundon Colt
I Can Trot Majestic Son Sunnyandcher Sundon Filly
So Magic Majestic Son Supreme Dash Sundon Filly
Somethings Burning Majestic Son The Fiery Filly Earl Filly
Majestic Son Titillate Die Laughing Colt
Majestic Son What An Image Yentls Image Colt
Torfino Mist Majestic Son Wild Isis Dr Ronerail Filly
Forget The Price Tag Majestic Son Yankeedoosie Muscles Yankee Colt
Princess Mila Majestic Son Zhari Belle Maori's Idol Filly
Crow Power Muscle Hill Aftanoondelite Wagon Apollo Colt
Holly Somolli Muscle Hill Anreca Hest Pine Chip Filly
Maria Tsarina Muscle Hill Empress Maria S J's Photo Filly
Fields Of Kyvalley Muscle Hill Kyvalley Diva Pine Chip Gelding
La Grange Muscle Hill La Coocaracha Safely Kept Colt
One Muscle Hill Muscle Hill Landoras Pearl Earl Gelding
Deutzy Doos Muscle Hill Love Ya Doosie Love You Filly
Luby Lou Muscle Hill Luby Ann Andover Hall Filly
Bullion Lady Muscle Hill Miss Bullion Earl Filly
Star Of Olesya Muscle Hill Olesya Pegasus Spur Filly
Girls On Film Muscle Hill Regal Volo Malabar Man Filly
Muscle Hill Sheer Illusion Sundon Colt
Muscle Hillbilly Muscle Hill Sparks Ignite Cr Commando Colt
Birthday Suit Muscle Hill Starcus S J's Photo Colt
Glenbawn Star Muscle Hill Sunny Elegant Sundon Colt
American Jewel Muscle Hill Sunny Lane Lindy Lane Filly
Theresastormcoming Muscle Hill Why Worry Electric Guitar Filly
Yankee Surprise Muscles Yankee Galleons Surprise King Conch Filly
Allthemoves Muscles Yankee Right Interest Sundon Filly
Trotting Rockstar Pegasus Spur Its Billie Holiday Continentalman Gelding
Pegasus Spur Lover Or Loser Sundon Colt
Maorishadow Pegasus Spur Maoris Lass Speed Supreme Filly
Galinios Pegasus Spur My Serene Queen Dream Vacation Filly
Pegasus Spur On The Other Hand Gee Whiz Ii Colt
Library Lady Pegasus Spur Sun Isa Sundon Filly
Ready Cash Calder Fury Pine Chip Colt
Ready Cash Heavens Above Like A Prayer Colt
Ready Cash Panbrake Armbro Goal Colt
Parisian Opera Ready Cash Queens Rhapsody Gee Whiz Ii Filly
Orne Ready Cash Sassy Pinevale Cr Commando Filly
Bouttemont Ready Cash Showmethemaori Lindy Lane Filly
Makie Otono Red Samurai Giddy Up Dana R C's Dee Jay Filly
Two Timing Repeat Love Danielle Daunou Yankee Paco Filly
Aztec Inti Repeat Love The Sun Goddess Sundon Gelding
Revy Jay Revenue (swe) Steffi Jay S J's Photo Filly
Popcorn Sutton Sam Bourbon Classic Armbro Armbro Invasion Colt
Aldebaran Pete Skyvalley Aldebaran Deegan Sundon Gelding
Aldebaran Raymond Skyvalley Aldebaran Pearl Earl Colt
Flash Kyvalley Skyvalley Cashel Dagha Pine Chip Gelding
Hattie Skyvalley Im Sonialeelee Malabar Maple Filly
Kyvalley Finn Skyvalley Kyvalley Paris Majestic Son Gelding
Skyvalley Maori Mischief Dream Vacation Filly
Orlandos Princess Skyvalley Orlandos Dream Earl Filly
Watts Up Skye Skyvalley Rainbow Maori Maori's Idol Filly
Hades Sky Skyvalley Wrath Of Rosie The Wrath Of Pan Filly
T K Fuego T K Titan Nikaria New York Motoring Gelding
T K Cerus T K Titan T K Hellraiser Rustler Hanover Gelding
T K Arion T K Titan T K Talaria Make A Deal Filly
Tennoeagle Tennotrump Eagles Image Earl Gelding
Trumpit Lil Tennotrump Ourlittlelil Wind Cries Maori Filly
The Pres Miriama Sundon Filly
Wascaly Twotta Wind Cries Maori Run Frenchy Run French Chef Gelding
Master Lincoln Yankee Spider Astrud Beyond Comparison Colt
Illawong Buzz Yankee Spider Lunar Landing Sundon Gelding
Mickey Two Shoes Yankee Spider Nanna Barb Malhana Gindin Gelding
Noopys Webb Yankee Spider Noopy Dua Noopy Kiosk Gelding
Equivalence Yankee Spider Stand On Me Extrovert Filly
Aldebaran Jaytee Yield Boko Swe Aldebaran Crumpet Dream Vacation Gelding
Aldebaran Cameron Yield Boko Swe Aldebaran Maori Dream Vacation Filly
Flyin Around Yield Boko Swe Aldebaran Queenie Muscles Yankee Filly
Reddito Yield Boko Swe Aldebaran Revenue Revenue (swe) Filly
Fend Off Yield Boko Swe Aldebaran Sunset Sundon Gelding
Kalmly Kelly Yield Boko Swe Bromac Aldebaran Muscles Yankee Filly
Merve Boko Yield Boko Swe Countess Angela Earl Colt
Yield Boko Swe Im Ready Set Monarchy Filly
Godofthunder Yield Boko Swe Joyces Choice Samadhi Gelding
Aldebaran Tarzan Yield Boko Swe Kyvalley Bling Muscles Yankee Colt
Aldebaran Alex Yield Boko Swe Maori Lindy Lindy Lane Gelding
Forever Kronos Yield Boko Swe Miss Warbucks Sundon Filly
Yield Boko Swe Notnow Itstooearly Earl Colt
Yield Boko Swe Sultry Lady Conway Hall Filly