Series 7

Horse Sire Dam Broodmare Sire Sex
Aldebaran Dino Andover Hall (us) Aldebaran Maori Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Silk Jacket (nz) Andover Hall (us) Blue Jacket (nz) Pine Chip (us) Filly
Copacabana Andover Hall (us) Broadacrossthebeam Keystone Salute Filly
Archaic Andover Hall (us) Closetomyheart Holdonmyheart Gelding
Andover Hall (us) Edge Hill Great Success Gelding
Kyvalley Hihat Andover Hall (us) Kyvalley Kiss Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Kyvalley Hacienda Andover Hall (us) Kyvalley Lily Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Webster Hall Andover Hall (us) La Coocaracha Safely Kept Colt
Aldebaran Maverick Andover Hall (us) Maori Road Lindy Lane (us) Gelding
Doubletap Andover Hall (us) Ostensibly Sundon Colt
Angus Hall (us) Casa Fundada Bacardi Lindy Filly
Whos The Man Angus Hall (us) Oh Yes Indeed Sundon Gelding
My Mate Yankee Angus Hall (us) Yankee Stella Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Armbro Variable Camelot Fire Camelot Hall Colt
Variegated Armbro Variable Denzel Prada Snow Brave Colt
Artistic Cat Armbro Variable Shadow Cat Flying Jaguar Filly
Pint Of Pain Bacardi Lindy Aldebaranfavourite Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Tornado Kev Bacardi Lindy Dirty Harriet Red Coach Glory Gelding
Bacardi Lindy Efficacious Safely Kept Colt
T K Nihilator (nz) Bacardi Lindy Eyesagrey (nz) Monkey Bones Colt
Bacardi Lindy Hips Earl Colt
Bacardi Lindy Modern Pegasus Pegasus Spur Colt
Bacardi Lindy Paparazzi Snapshot Grinfromeartoear Gelding
Sheza Pleasure Bacardi Lindy Sheza Comment Sierra Kosmos Filly
Tipsy Turvy Bacardi Lindy Titillate Die Laughing Filly
Deja Vecu (nz) Dejarmbro (us) Latina Vita (nz) Enjoy Lavec Colt
Dream Inception Dream Vacation (us) Meredith Castle Village Jasper Colt
Aldebaran My Father Patrick (us) Aldebaran Daisy Eilean Donon Filly
Aldebaran Anna Father Patrick (us) Aldebaran Dream Dream Vacation (us) Filly
I Know A Red Father Patrick (us) Aldebaran Hall Andover Hall (us) Gelding
Aldebaran Dianna Father Patrick (us) Bromac Aldebaran Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
War Dan Strikes Father Patrick (us) Countess Angela Earl Gelding
Gold Nugget (nz) Father Patrick (us) Gold Card (nz) Love You (fra) Colt
Hotel Kyvalley Father Patrick (us) Lindys Two Step Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Almighty Fear (nz) Father Patrick (us) Never Fear (nz) Pegasus Spur Colt
Evas Image Father Patrick (us) Shes An Image Last Sunset Filly
Another Manhattan Father Patrick (us) Solana Monarchy Gelding
Sangreal Father Patrick (us) Solar Flash Sundon Filly
Have No Fear Father Patrick (us) Without Fear (nz) Sundon Gelding
Atego Ada Fling It Karamea Inawile John Street North Filly
Framework Pacific Salute Keystone Salute Filly
Manguito Great Success Bras Dhonneur Keystone Salute Gelding
Another Success Great Success Brylin Crescent Brylin Boyz Filly
Great Success Jumanji Franco Cr Commando Colt
Nana Emjay Great Success Lime And Lemonade Bacardi Lindy Filly
Great Success Pepperell Mistral Wind Cries Maori Colt
Rule Success Great Success Star Of Jordaine Armbro Invasion Gelding
Beautiful Sunrise Great Success Whatta Tussle Brioso Hanover Filly
Kenya Knot Im Stately Jades Pride Bad Boy Truscott Filly
Im Stately Leannes Legacy Skyvalley Filly
Imperial Count Im Rite Or Wrong Dr Ronerail Filly
Aldebaran Damon Love You (fra) Aldebaran Deegan Sundon Colt
Love You (fra) Aleppo Midas Sundon Filly
Love You (fra) Calder Fury Pine Chip (us) Colt
Love You (fra) Charlotte Galleon Sundon Filly
Love You (fra) Donegal Flat Pine Chip (us) Filly
Locksley Lover Love You (fra) Elusive Charm Cr Commando Gelding
Aphrodite (nz) Love You (fra) Focus On Me (nz) S J's Photo (us) Filly
Strategic Stride Love You (fra) Glory Stride Sundon Gelding
Te Amo Love You (fra) I Am Majestic Majestic Son Colt
Illawong Moonbeam Love You (fra) Illawong Moonshine Yankee Spider Filly
Insist On Chevron (nz) Love You (fra) Insist (nz) King Conch (us) Filly
Aroha (nz) Love You (fra) Kurien (nz) Sundon Filly
Love To Dash Love You (fra) Kyvalley Aldebaran Sundon Filly
Maestro Love You (fra) La Tonneralla Continentalman Gelding
Parisian Bandit Love You (fra) Le Chabanais Ganymede (fra) Colt
Meadowvalley Lover Love You (fra) Mangonique Wagon Apollo Filly
Love You (fra) Maori Daunou Buvetier D'aunou (us) Filly
Kyvalley Hiphop Love You (fra) Miss Adelade Monarchy Filly
Love You (fra) My Valerie Majestic Son Filly
Affaire De Cover Love You (fra) Nigella Bites Live Or Die Colt
Love You (fra) Notnow Itstooearly Earl Filly
Hi Ho Kyvalley Love You (fra) Pinevale Ellason Sundon Gelding
Queen Elida (nz) Love You (fra) Queen Kenny (nz) Monarchy Filly
Brook Stride Love You (fra) Real Babe Donato Hanover (us) Filly
Love You (fra) Schleck Muscle Mass Colt
Aldebaran Fawkes (nz) Love You (fra) Solar Powered (nz) Sundon Colt
Love You (fra) Sparks Ignite Cr Commando Colt
Love You (fra) Sumthingaboutmaori Pine Chip (us) Colt
Tictok Love You (fra) Sundons Pride Sundon Filly
Eurokash (nz) Love You (fra) Sunny Kash (nz) Continentalman Colt
Love You (fra) Whitney Grace Armbro Invasion Colt
Yankee Lover Love You (fra) Yankee Princess Muscles Yankee (us) Gelding
Ignite Lucky Chucky (us) Amelia Darling Kadabra (us) Gelding
Aldebaran Huey Majestic Son Aldebaran Honey Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Abbie Majestic Son Aldebaran Peggy Skyvalley Filly
Free Starr Majestic Son Amelia Pond Yankee Paco Gelding
Miss Survivor Majestic Son Aryafeelinlukypunk Skyvalley Filly
Majestic Son Auzzie Rose Conch Deville Colt
El Ritmo (nz) Majestic Son Beat The Rythem (nz) Monarchy Colt
Regency Majestic Son Calixte Monarchy Gelding
Majestical (nz) Majestic Son Gemstone (nz) Monarchy Colt
Majestic Saint Majestic Son Heart Of Glass Yentls Image Gelding
Euryphaessa Majestic Son Indie Pepperell Lawman Filly
Hammer Son Majestic Son Jingling Silver Conch Deville Gelding
Mielicki Majestic Son Lady Mackendon Pegasus Spur Colt
Rainbow Majestic Majestic Son Miss Maori Rainbow Sundon Colt
His An Omen Majestic Son Moni Bea Safely Kept Colt
Kinda Majestic Majestic Son Nandy Noot Malabar Maple Filly
Majestic Son Olympis Yankee Paco Filly
Watts Up Majestic Majestic Son Rainbow Maori Maori's Idol Gelding
Hadtobeharry Majestic Son To Let Fly Pegasus Spur Gelding
Telephone Tilly Majestic Son Vari Perfect Armbro Variable Filly
Aldebaran Selena Majestic Son Yankee Sister Yankee Boy Filly
Rogue Gentleman Majestic Son Yankeeiron Yankee Paco Colt
Skimming (nz) Master Glide Beautiful Credit (nz) Credit Winner (us) Filly
Credit Points (nz) Master Glide Jessicas Credit Credit Winner (us) Colt
Winners Time (nz) Master Glide Run A Tab (us) Windsong's Legacy (us) Colt
Mr Muscle (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Alannah Hall Angus Hall (us) Colt
Aldebaran Midori Muscle Hill (us) Aldebaran Malibu Cantab Hall (us) Filly
Kyvalley Helen Muscle Hill (us) Aldebaran Revenue Revenue (swe) Filly
Chevron Muscle (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Chevrons Sweetheart Love You (fra) Filly
I See Fire (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Classic Armbro (nz) Armbro Invasion Colt
Maria Theresa (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Empress Maria (nz) S J's Photo (us) Filly
Muscle Factor (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Factor The Odds (nz) Pegasus Spur Filly
Benny The Gun Muscle Hill (us) Front And Square Yentls Image Gelding
Muscle Hill (us) Glenferrie Unixa Onyx Du Goutier (fra) Filly
Spotlight Muscle Hill (us) Imitating Bettors Delight Gelding
Bitamuscle (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Lotalov Love You (fra) Colt
Kyvalley Hotspur Muscle Hill (us) Love Ya Doosie (nz) Love You (fra) Colt
Monarch Stride Muscle Hill (us) Nitengale Stride Cantab Hall (us) Colt
Regal Attire (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Regal Volo Malabar Man (us) Colt
Berkeley Muscle Hill (us) The Kahmotion Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Aldebaran Zeus Muscle Hill (us) Zoia Boko Swe Viking Kronos (ita) Colt
Aldebaran Bronson Muscle Mass Aldebaran Breeze Windsong's Legacy (us) Gelding
Sunsup Muscle Mass Aldebaran Sunset Sundon Gelding
Aldebaran Floss (nz) Muscle Mass Another Love (nz) Love You (fra) Filly
St James Gate (nz) Muscle Mass Arf'a Guinness (nz) Great Success Filly
Pudding Wine (nz) Muscle Mass Call Me Cathie (nz) Monarchy Filly
Muscle Mass Cruzenthepacific Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Imasocialbutterfly Muscle Mass Diedre Deville Conch Deville Filly
Muscle Mass Gladys Emanuel Continentalman Filly
Illawong Barmah Muscle Mass Illawong Blush S J's Photo (us) Gelding
Mm Sunshine (nz) Muscle Mass Isa Smiling (nz) Pegasus Spur Filly
Franco Jorik (nz) Muscle Mass Jacanti Franco (nz) Continentalman Colt
Jaunty Jay Jay Muscle Mass Jaurdon Sundon Filly
Illawong Apollo Muscle Mass Lunar Landing Sundon Gelding
Here Comes Kyvalley Muscle Mass Nice One Kenny (nz) Sundon Gelding
Abundance (nz) Muscle Mass Royal Relations (nz) Monarchy Filly
Make Mine Muscle Muscle Mass Susuwe Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Paddy Morgan (nz) Muscle Mass The Bog (nz) Monarchy Colt
Kyvalley Heist Muscle Mass U Dream (nz) Love You (fra) Colt
Rohaan Orlando Vici (fra) Class Of Her Own Yankee Paco Colt
Visionary Orlando Vici (fra) Commander Jewel Cr Commando Filly
Orlando Vici (fra) Top Of The Anvils Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Catskills Peak Dnk Bay Torrent Sports Town Filly
Mckinley (nz) Peak Dnk Danielle Daunou Yankee Paco Colt
Peak Dnk Maori Acacia Smooth Fella Filly
Melpark True Blue Peak Dnk Melpark Miccole Wagon Apollo Gelding
Peak Dnk Miss Borderline Red River Hanover Colt
Stanley James (nz) Peak Dnk Toomuch To Do (nz) Britewell Colt
Western Peak Peak Dnk Western Regret Western Terror Colt
Pegasus Spur Maoris Lass Speed Supreme Filly
Kauai Pegasus Spur Para Paradise Great Success Filly
Zoopa Doopa (nz) Pegasus Spur Sueno (nz) Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Silent Reverie Pegasus Spur Sunny Folly Sundon Filly
T K Kronos (nz) Pegasus Spur T K Rocket (nz) Above The Stars Colt
Urban Honey (nz) Quaker Jet (fra) Ella Lavra (nz) Sundon Colt
Dreams Jet (nz) Quaker Jet (fra) Paramount Dream (nz) Pegasus Spur Colt
Quaker Jet (fra) Ruby Pinevale Skyvalley Colt
Fancy Quaker Jet (fra) Speedy Naomi Safely Kept Filly
Cheval Rouge (nz) Quaker Jet (fra) Winfield Invasion (nz) Filly
Quaker Jet (fra) Yankee Duchess Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Aldebaran Lovisa Readly Express (swe) Excellent Boko Swe Broadway Hall (us) Filly
Sam Bourbon (fra) Bohemian Queen Sundon Colt
Sam Bourbon (fra) Maidstone Miss Sundon Filly
Sam Bourbon (fra) Secret Kiss Armbro Invasion Filly
Sam Bourbon (fra) This Way Sundon Filly
Aldebaran Yahtzee Sebastian K (swe) Charming Yankee Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Pneuma Sebastian K (swe) Ifu Seek Flight Yankee Spider Filly
Defensive Guy Sebastian K (swe) Mental Power Its Motor Power Colt
On Advice Sebastian K (swe) Sunny Imperial Pegasus Spur Gelding
Madge Egan Skyvalley Amaori Spur Pegasus Spur Filly
Aldebaran Gwen Skyvalley Aspenglow Conway Hall (us) Filly
Backinthesky Skyvalley Backina Lifetime Life Sign Filly
Aldebaran Thor Skyvalley Countessa Hest Earl Colt
Kyvalleyhoneybunny Skyvalley Kyvalley Cafe Majestic Son Filly
Tennerson Skyvalley Poet Laureate Keystone Salute Gelding
Lucy Sawyer Tennotrump Annies Last Armbro Invasion Filly
Goodtime Fred Tennotrump Jewel Of The Night Keystone Salute Gelding
Aldebaran Carter Trixton (us) Aldebaran Crumpet Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Aldebaran Takara Trixton (us) Aldebaran Turnpike Cantab Hall (us) Filly
Utopia Trixton (us) Gluteus Maximus Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Holey Somolli (nz) Trixton (us) Peace Seeker (nz) Cr Commando Filly
Trixton (us) Starcus S J's Photo (us) Colt
Trixton (us) Vanilla Sunrise Sundon Filly
Champagne Charley Used To Me Bella Cheval Armbro Variable Gelding
Used To Me Eilish Monarch Monarchy Colt
She Sailz Used To Me Elle Galleon Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Papela Used To Me Flash Muscles Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Surprise To Me Used To Me Galleons Surprise King Conch (us) Colt
Bundalong Bruiser Used To Me Keepers Delight Bettors Delight Gelding
Used To Me Lady Lover Majestic Son Gelding
My Used To Be Used To Me Lovem And Leavem Red River Hanover Gelding
Lucky Charm Used To Me Lucky Love Love You (fra) Filly
Used To Me Maori Mischief Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Dont Care Used To Me My Dreamweaver Lindy Lane (us) Gelding
Used To Me Mybrotherwasastar Sundon Filly
Used To Me Onestar Lb Ita Cantab Hall (us) Filly
Vapar Fortune Used To Me Pocket Of Fortune In The Pocket Gelding
Rosies Pride Used To Me Poignant Sundon Filly
My Ultimate Tower Used To Me Pretty Peggy Sue Pegasus Spur Colt
Used To Me Royal Treat Majestic Son Colt
Used To Me Roydons Gift Sundon Filly
Used To Me Tricia Powell Sundon Colt
Wishing Stone (us) Baileys Model S J's Photo (us) Colt
Aldebaran Ursula Yield Boko Swe Ushaka Bromac Continentalman Filly