Series 8

Horse Sire Dam Broodmare Sire Sex
Aldebaran Daphne Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Daisy Eilean Donon Filly
Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Deebee Skyvalley Colt
Aldebaran Dexta Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Deegan Sundon Gelding
Aldebaran Demi Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Maori Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Aldebaran Boyd Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Revenue Revenue (swe) Colt
Aldebaran Tanisha Aldebaran Eagle Aldebaran Turnpike Cantab Hall (us) Filly
Aldebaran Eagle Charlotte Galleon Sundon Filly
Aldebaran Yeurial Aldebaran Eagle Charming Yankee Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Aldebaran Eagle Miss Moore Oblivion Filly
Aldebaran Savannah Aldebaran Eagle Sundonna Sundon Filly
Amore Stride Dusk Stride Sundon Filly
Amore Stride My Secret Stride Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Amore Stride Ruby Stride Sundon Gelding
Amore Stride Snowflake Stride Angus Hall (us) Colt
Andover Hall (us) Miss Warbucks Sundon Colt
Andover Hall (us) Shes An Image Last Sunset Colt
Andover Hall (us) Solar Flash Sundon Filly
Andover Hall (us) Star Spangled Rama Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Inspire Angus Hall (us) Amelia Darling Kadabra (us) Colt
Angus Hall (us) Spirit Of Smooch Denver Gift Colt
Armbro Variable Lucytwo Safely Kept Colt
Bacardi Lindy Karamboo Wagon Apollo Filly
Bacardi Lindy Meredith Castle Village Jasper Colt
Little Strapper (nz) Bacardi Lindy Our Strapless Straphanger Filly
Bacardi Lindy Princess Marauder Marauder Filly
Bacardi Lindy Princess Venom Yankee Spider Filly
Bacardi Lindy Sunshine Annie Sundon Filly
The Showbagster Blitzthemcalder Cinders Vintner Gelding
Blitzthemcalder Gaelic Lass Lawman Colt
Blitzthemcalder Uncertain Temper Armbro Variable Filly
Blitzthemcalder Wee Bay Filly Conch Deville Filly
Bold Eagle (fra) Elusive Jet Coktail Jet (fra) Colt
Cardigan Boko Swe Chiara Delight Bettors Delight Filly
Cardigan Boko Swe Its Only Words Western Terror Colt
Cardigan Boko Swe Landoras Girl The Pres Filly
Cardigan Boko Swe Poet Laureate Keystone Salute Colt
Crazed (us) Kapitan Claire Majestic Son Filly
Arni Schwarz (nz) Creatine Aceofdiamonds (nz) Sundon Colt
Creatine Aldebaran Shelly Skyvalley Filly
Creatine Aryafeelinlukypunk Skyvalley Filly
Creatine Cashel Dagha Pine Chip (us) Filly
Creatine Chevaux Rainbow Yankee Paco Filly
Creatine Emma De Vie Sundon Colt
Kowhai Sunset (nz) Creatine Kowhai Sunrise (nz) Sundon Colt
Hot To Trot (nz) Creatine Lady Boo Kay (nz) Sundon Colt
Creatine Lime And Lemonade Bacardi Lindy Colt
Creatine Mangonique Wagon Apollo Colt
Creatine My Missindependent Classic Adam Filly
Creatine Nomistakingpegasus Pegasus Spur Colt
Aldebaran Spice (nz) Creatine Petites Legacy (nz) Windsong's Legacy (us) Filly
Creatine Ruby Pinevale Skyvalley Filly
Creatine Secret Kiss Armbro Invasion Filly
Creatine Shining Sun Sundon Colt
Fenomenal Creatine Swede Dreams Swe Varenne (ita) Colt
Creatine Tai Chi Yankee Paco Colt
Creatine Tsarina Rama Majestic Son Colt
Danny Bouchea Its All Me It Is I Colt
Bohemian Dream Dreamcatcher Swe Bohemian Queen Sundon Filly
Dreamcatcher Swe Kano Classic Classic Adam Filly
Dreamcatcher Swe Model Talk Astreos Colt
Dreamcatcher Swe The Pink Diamond Cr Commando Filly
Dreamcatcher Swe Xena Hest Pine Chip (us) Colt
Mixed Faith (nz) Father Patrick (us) Aria Abbe (nz) Britewell Filly
Aldebaran Boko Father Patrick (us) Endsino Angus Hall (us) Filly
Father Patrick (us) Gypsy Flair Skyvalley Filly
Kyvalley Paint Father Patrick (us) Hot Pants (nz) Majestic Son Colt
Father Patrick (us) Illawong Moonshine Yankee Spider Filly
Father Patrick (us) Joyces Choice Samadhi Filly
Father Patrick (us) Kyvalley Kitty Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Father Patrick (us) Kyvalley Pink Eilean Donon Filly
Trot To Chevron (nz) Father Patrick (us) Lough Beg (nz) Cr Commando Colt
Get Along (nz) Father Patrick (us) Moment Of Beauty (nz) Angus Hall (us) Colt
Father Patrick (us) Moyabamba Cr Commando Filly
Father Patrick (us) Our Sunny Rose Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Father Patrick (us) Social Fireball Courage Under Fire Filly
Great Success Gracie Marae Angus Hall (us) Colt
Te Kuiti Kitty Great Success Missgoodytwoshoes Sundon Filly
Great Success Poignant Sundon Filly
Sweet Maori Miss Great Success Sweetasay Tennotrump Filly
Graywoods Diamond Great Success Twiggy Argyle Armbro Invasion Colt
Im Stately Starlight Beau Last Sunset Filly
Chilled Magic (nz) Kadabra (us) All Settled Down (nz) Sundon Colt
Aldebaran Keepa (nz) Kadabra (us) Another Love (nz) Love You (fra) Filly
Starlight Stride (nz) Kadabra (us) Cyclone Emily (nz) Majestic Son Filly
Desponia (nz) Kadabra (us) Maia (nz) Armbro Invasion Filly
Kvintet Avenger Fin Brite N Lucky Britewell Colt
Kvintet Avenger Fin Carnation Huney Union Guy Colt
Kvintet Avenger Fin Death Defying Life Sign Filly
Kvintet Avenger Fin Gay Truscott Lawman Colt
Kvintet Avenger Fin Goodgirltruscott Goodboytruscott Filly
Kvintet Avenger Fin Just Spur Me On Pegasus Spur Filly
Kvintet Avenger Fin Spannerintheworks Safely Kept Filly
Kvintet Avenger Fin Truscott Photo S J's Photo (us) Colt
Kvintet Avenger Fin Yankee Truscott Yankee Paco Filly
Lawman Kosmanoid Sierra Kosmos Filly
Im Above The Law Lawman Packed Up Early Sundon Gelding
Lawman Rovers Return Wesgate Victory Gelding
Louey Louey Louey Kan Yu Dr Ronerail Filly
Louey Louey Louey Skyelind Skyvalley Filly
Deneuve (nz) Love You (fra) Armbro Starlet (nz) Armbro Invasion Filly
Love You (fra) Blaring Yankee Paco Filly
Masterly (nz) Love You (fra) Brilliant (nz) Andover Hall (us) Colt
Forbidden Love (nz) Love You (fra) Broadband Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Love You (fra) Brylin Crescent Brylin Boyz Filly
Love You (fra) Calder Image Balanced Image (us) Filly
Kyvalley Picasso Love You (fra) Chevron Express Muscle Mass Colt
Love You (fra) Cruzenthepacific Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Online Love (nz) Love You (fra) Cyberspace (nz) Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Love You (fra) Dizzyinterest Yankee Spider Colt
Donegal Love You (nz) Love You (fra) Donegal Bettorgretch (nz) Bettors Delight Colt
Lavradore (nz) Love You (fra) Ella Lavra (nz) Sundon Colt
Highgrove (nz) Love You (fra) Focus On Me (nz) S J's Photo (us) Colt
Love You (fra) Glenferrie Conquer Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
High On Love (nz) Love You (fra) High Gait Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Love You (fra) I Am Who I Am Muscle Hill (us) Filly
Bryleigh Jane (nz) Love You (fra) Kurien (nz) Sundon Filly
Love You (fra) Lasting Beauty Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Love You (fra) Lindys Two Step Muscles Yankee (us) Filly
Timeless Love (nz) Love You (fra) Majestic Kenny (nz) Majestic Son Filly
Love You (fra) My Valerie Majestic Son Colt
Oh Nova Love (nz) Love You (fra) Oh Nova Diedre Don Colt
Toro Stride (nz) Love You (fra) Queen Kenny (nz) Monarchy Colt
Love You (fra) Spidergirl Yankee Spider Filly
Love You (fra) Starcus S J's Photo (us) Colt
Love You (fra) Sumthingaboutmaori Pine Chip (us) Colt
Love You (fra) The Sun Goddess Sundon Colt
Love You (fra) Top Of The Anvils Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Tough Love Love You (fra) Tough Tussle Wrestle Filly
Aldebaran Spirit Love You (fra) Yankee Sister Yankee Boy Colt
Chasing Calder Lucky Chucky (us) Caribou Calder Angus Hall (us) Colt
Tough Luck (nz) Lucky Chucky (us) Do It Your Way (nz) Sundon Gelding
Lucky Chucky (us) I Dreamt It Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Lucky Chucky (us) Lady Million Yankee Paco Filly
Trottenem Hot Stuff Lucky Chucky (us) Racewaycalder Great Success Gelding
Majestic Son Aldebaran Etta Aldebaran Yankee Filly
Im Bobby Majestic Son Aldebaran Peggy Skyvalley Gelding
Hapenny Bridge (nz) Majestic Son Arf'a Guinness (nz) Great Success Filly
Adjure Majestic Son Castleton Command Cr Commando Filly
Majestic Son Consica Continentalman Filly
Majestic Son Fiftyshadesofbrown Pegasus Spur Filly
Mistress Rainbow Majestic Son Flight Rainbow Eilean Donon Filly
Lovin Gina Majestic Son Front And Square Yentls Image Filly
Mangana Joe Majestic Son Garston Girl Lawman Colt
Majestic Son Good Thanks S J's Photo (us) Filly
Majestic Son Heart Of Glass Yentls Image Filly
Majestic Son Idle Lea Earl Colt
Majestic Son Im Demimondaine Continentalman Colt
Majestic Son Imitating Bettors Delight Colt
Majestic Son Jaurdon Sundon Filly
Majestic Son Jumanji Franco Cr Commando Colt
Majestic Son La Bousta Last Sunset Colt
Majestic Son Lady Mackendon Pegasus Spur Colt
Majestic Son Makarewa Lil Thanksgiving Colt
Maverick Rainbow Majestic Son Miss Maori Rainbow Sundon Colt
Levitation Majestic Son Missophiastication Bacardi Lindy Gelding
Majestic Son Ostensibly Sundon Colt
Majestic Son Parallel Lines Skyvalley Colt
Plymouth Chubb Majestic Son Pocket Fantasy In The Pocket Colt
Rhoikos Majestic Son Rinehart Great Success Gelding
Majestic Son Rosalie Bay Monarchy Colt
Majestic Son She Didnt Do It Wind Cries Maori Gelding
Majestic Son Sheza Amason Skyvalley Filly
Majestic Son Sheza Chenille Bad Boy Truscott Colt
Majestic Son Stonedaselle Federal Flex (us) Colt
Majestic Son Sunchiola Sundon Gelding
Tillys Last Filly (nz) Majestic Son Tilly The Filly (nz) Great Success Filly
Majestic Son Veruckte Phoenix Eilean Donon Filly
Aldebaran Ariana Muscle Hill (us) Aspenglow Conway Hall (us) Filly
Instant Classic (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Classic Armbro (nz) Armbro Invasion Filly
Ellana Sand (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Daenerys Targaryen Majestic Son Filly
My Fear Lady (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Fear Factor (nz) Sundon Filly
Muscle Hill (us) Glenferrie Dash Kadabra (us) Colt
Muscle Hill (us) Illawong Helios Majestic Son Colt
Hill Of Grace (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Im Whitney Earl Filly
Muscle Hill (us) Kyvalley Kyrie Angus Hall (us) Colt
One Tree Hill (nz) Muscle Hill (us) Landoras Pearl Earl Colt
Muscle Hill (us) Maori Sunshine Sundon Colt
Muscle Hill (us) Nitengale Stride Cantab Hall (us) Colt
Aldebaran Alpha (nz) Muscle Hill (us) U Dream (nz) Love You (fra) Colt
Muscle Mass Icantremember Extrovert Filly
Muscle Mass Illawong Blush S J's Photo (us) Filly
My High Expectations Dana De Ville Conch Deville Filly
My High Expectations Giddy Up Dana R C's Dee Jay Filly
Noopy Kiosk Starlights Rebel Yankee Jolter Filly
Orlando Vici (fra) Heavens Above Like A Prayer (us) Colt
Orlando Vici (fra) Muscles N Blues Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Orlando Vici (fra) Pretty Peggy Sue Pegasus Spur Colt
Orlando Vici (fra) Royal Treat Majestic Son Colt
Ozark Tilton Laen Daflay Denver Gift Colt
Sir Ed Peak Dnk Aldebaran Queenie Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Peak Dnk Forgetfulljane Yankee Paco Colt
Peak Dnk Gale Blazer Waverly Niatross Filly
Peak Dnk Vari Perfect Armbro Variable Colt
Castletons Revival (nz) Pegasus Spur Castletons Jewel (nz) Sundon Filly
Pegasus Spur Chancery Lane Torado Hanover Colt
Pegasus Spur Donski Sundon Filly
Pegasus Spur Happy Maori Malhana Gindin Filly
Pegasus Spur Kamenshek Federal Flex (us) Filly
King City (nz) Pegasus Spur May The Sun Shine (nz) Sundon Colt
Jet Legs Quaker Jet (fra) Edge Hill Great Success Colt
Quaker Jet (fra) La Coocaracha Safely Kept Filly
Quaker Jet (fra) Miss Manitoba Angus Hall (us) Filly
Quaker Jet (fra) My Serene Queen Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Quaker Jet (fra) Susuwe Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Quaker Jet (fra) Tennessee Trump Tennotrump Colt
Red Samurai Madiskita Wagon Apollo Gelding
Royalty For Life (us) Enjoy A Champers Bostonian (us) Filly
Royalty For Life (us) Miss Adelade Monarchy Colt
Royalty For Life (us) Solana Monarchy Filly
Sebastian K (swe) Hilltown Ashley Our Sir Vancelot Filly
Sebastian K (swe) Illawong Bardot Muscle Mass Filly
Sebastian K (swe) Illawong Shimmer Muscle Mass Colt
Sebastian K (swe) Joyces Image Majestic Son Filly
Sebastian K (swe) Maranatha Cle Modern Art Colt
Flashy Seb Sebastian K (swe) Our Flash Girl Yankee Paco Colt
Trottenem Okay Sebastian K (swe) Outback Adventure Conch Deville Filly
Sebastian K (swe) Pepperell Magic Kadabra (us) Colt
Aldebaran Anton Skyvalley Backina Lifetime Life Sign Colt
Skyvalley Hiona Mountain Chiola Hanover Colt
Aldebaranspartacus Skyvalley Jingling Silver Conch Deville Colt
Skyvalley Keystone Clare Keystone Salute Colt
Aldebaran Misty Skyvalley Mason Magic Kadabra (us) Filly
Skyvalley Peters Passion Yankee Paco Colt
Skyvalley Sheza Comment Sierra Kosmos Filly
Skyvalley Sundae Alm Sundon Filly
Tennotrump Gloriadon Sundon Colt
Tennotrump Jewel Of The Night Keystone Salute Colt
Tennotrump Photogenic Too Framework Colt
Tennotrump Rappa Jolie Elsu Filly
Tennotrump Redneck Yankee Paco Colt
The Present Maker (nz) The Pres Make My Night (nz) Majestic Son Colt
Trixton (us) Bella Mosca Straphanger Colt
Aldebaran Allblack (nz) Trixton (us) Big O E (nz) Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Aldebaran Vera Trixton (us) Kyvalley Aldebaran Sundon Filly
Trixton (us) Mystic Hush Continentalman Colt
Trixton (us) Outback Madge The Pres Filly
Aldebaran Eclipse (nz) Trixton (us) Solar Powered (nz) Sundon Filly
Trixton (us) Sparks Ignite Cr Commando Filly
Aldebaran Banks Trixton (us) Sundons Babe Sundon Colt
Normandy Used To Me Aspiring Eva The Pres Colt
Used To Me Commander Jewel Cr Commando Colt
Used To Me Cupid Seelster Angus Hall (us) Filly
Used To Me Im Ready Set Monarchy Filly
Used To Me Kool Kelly Majestic Son Filly
Used To Me Maidstone Miss Sundon Filly
Used To Me Misty Elle Pegasus Spur Colt
Used To Me Panbrake Armbro Goal (us) Filly
Used To Me Purplepeopleater Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Used To Me Tricia Powell Sundon Filly
Used To Me Val Gardena Kadabra (us) Filly
Used To Me Verbier Dream Vacation (us) Colt
Used To Me Wild Isis Dr Ronerail Filly
Da Prez Used To Me Yankee Stella Muscles Yankee (us) Colt
Village Jolt Fire To Rain Artesian Colt
Village Mystic (fra) Majestic Moves Majestic Son Filly
Village Mystic (fra) Mybrotherwasastar Sundon Filly
Village Mystic (fra) Onestar Lb Ita Cantab Hall (us) Filly
Village Mystic (fra) Variable Star Armbro Variable Filly
Western Terror Sounds Alive Live Or Die Filly
Wishing Stone (us) Canadian Dream Malabar Maple Filly
Wishing Stone (us) Maori Mischief Dream Vacation (us) Filly
Wishing Stone (us) Miss Hickward Lawman Gelding
Wishing Stone (us) Pipiriki Lombo Sundon Colt
Wishing Stone (us) Starlet Lavec Mr Lavec (eu) Filly
Yankee Spider La Stella Sierra Kosmos Filly
Aldebaran Sophia Yield Boko Swe Im Princess Sophie Bacardi Lindy Filly